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The first loss .. Rennes drops Paris Saint-Germain with a double in the French League

The French team Paris Saint-Germain received its first loss this season after falling 2-0 against Rennes in the match that brought them together at "Roisson Park", as part of the ninth round of the French League competitions for the current season.

The two goals of Rennes were scored by Gaetan Laborde in the 45th minute of the first half, and Flavian Tait added the second goal in the 47th minute of the second half.

With this result, Paris Saint-Germain is at the top of the French league standings with 24 points, while Rennes jumped to eighth place with 12 points in the standings.

The Paris Saint-Germain team, in addition to the Italian Napoli, were the only two teams with the full mark in victories in the five major European leagues "Big Five".

Messi failed to score his first goal with Paris Saint-Germain in the French League, after he missed the last two matches due to injury, after joining this season from Barcelona in a free deal after the expiration of his contract.

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