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Ecuador: Prisoners shoot two policemen during attempts to seize Guayaquil prison

Ecuadorian police said today, Sunday, that a number of inmates in the prison "Guayaquil", located in the southwest of the country, shot a number of policemen while they were trying to control the situation inside the prison, which has witnessed confrontations since last Tuesday, killing 118 people.

"During the intervention of the police, they were greeted with gunfire by some prisoners," Police Chief Tania Varela said in a statement - as reported by (France 24) news channel -.

"Even before the incursion of the security forces, an exchange of fire broke out between the detainees, which resulted in the injury of four of them," she added, stressing that the policemen managed to control the situation inside the prison, and they are still in control of the prison.

The judicial authorities in Ecuador announced last Tuesday that violent clashes took place in Guayaquil prison between criminal groups linked to drug trafficking, which led to the deaths of 118 people and the injury of 86 others.