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With the participation of Zamalek, the Basketball Association requests to host the Club World Cup

The Basketball Association, headed by Magdy Abu Freikha, asked its international counterpart to host the FIFA Club World Cup, which is scheduled to be held during February 2022.

Magdy Abu Farikha, President of the Egyptian Basketball Federation, confirmed that the International Federation “FIBA” was addressed to host the tournament, in light of Egypt’s ability to host any tournament, whether African or international, as it has previously hosted the 2017 Junior Basketball World Cup.


The president of the Egyptian Basketball Federation added that a response is expected from the International Federation, after which details and preparations for hosting the tournament will be announced.


The Zamalek team will participate in the Club World Cup from Egypt, after being crowned with the title of the African Championship for Lafrolig, which was held in Rwanda.


The Egyptian Basketball Association, headed by Dr. Magdy Abu Farikha, received a letter from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) stating that Zamalek was chosen to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup 2022.


The International Federation clarified that it was decided that Zamalek, the African champion and crowned with the African title BAL, representing the continent of Africa, will participate in a tournament in which 4 clubs will participate in the first edition of the competition.


The International Federation indicated that the tournament will be held in February of 2022, specifically from 11 to 13 in the same month, with the venue for the competition to be determined at a later time.