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The rise in oil prices and Brent records 73.98 dollars and 70.95 dollars for US crude

Today, oil prices recorded $73.98 a barrel for the global benchmark Brent crude futures contract, and the US West Texas Intermediate crude futures contract recorded $70.95 a barrel.


According to international media reports, oil prices in global markets, today, Tuesday, recorded their highest levels in 6 weeks, as a result of fears of the possibility of a storm affecting the oil fields in Texas this week.


The prices of the international benchmark Brent crude contracts recorded slight weekly gains at the end of trading sessions in the futures markets last Friday, by 0.4% compared to the end of the previous week, and the prices of US West Texas Intermediate crude contracts recorded a third weekly gain in a row, by 0.6% compared to the end of the previous week.


The OPEC Plus alliance agreed to add 400,000 barrels per day per month to the oil markets.