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The exile announces the holding of an international conference next October to mobilize support for the stability of Libya

The head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Manfi, announced that he will hold an international conference in October to mobilize support for the stability of the country, warning that it faces "real challenges" that could undermine the elections scheduled for December.

In a speech to the United Nations annual meeting of world leaders in New York on Thursday, Al-Manfi said that the conference aims to secure international support in a "united and coherent manner" and restore a sense of Libyan leadership and ownership over the country's future.

He added, "We are facing real challenges and rapid developments that push us from a position of responsibility to think of more realistic and practical options that avoid the dangers of blockage in the political process that may undermine the electoral process we are looking forward to and bring us back to square one."

The general elections scheduled for December 24 were promoted as a way out of the decade-long crisis in the country, but were overshadowed by bitter debates over legitimacy that could lead to the collapse of a months-long peace process.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters in New York on Monday that France, Germany and Italy will co-host an international conference on Libya on November 12 to ensure that the election schedule is preserved.

Yesterday, Thursday, the media reported that Khalifa Haftar, after suspending his duties as commander of the "Libyan National Army", will soon announce his intention to run in the upcoming presidential elections.