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The Biden administration reopens a refugee camp near Guantanamo and requires workers to run the facility

The US administration is preparing to reopen a detention camp for immigrants at Guantanamo Bay in the wake of the massive numbers of immigrants and asylum seekers at the country's southern border, according to Business Insider.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) is inviting bids for private contractors to run the Immigrant Operations Center at the US Naval Base, near the prison complexes housing the remaining 39 detainees in the "war on terror."

The immigrant camp was first established in 1991 and was intended to house Cuban asylum seekers. Ultimately, it was used to detain about 34,000 Haitians and roughly the same number of Cubans until the Obama administration closed it down and has not been used to detain immigrants since 2017.

Ice is looking for a private contractor to run the center and provide unarmed escorts and security officers. "At least 10 per cent of the staff must be fluent in Spanish and Haitian Creole," the announcement placed on the Internet by the US stack said.

The planned reopening of the site comes at a time when an estimated 14,000 migrants have crossed the Rio Grande in the past two weeks, mostly from Haiti, and the crowd includes thousands of women and children, fleeing the recent chaos caused by a powerful earthquake exacerbated by the political turmoil caused by the assassination of President Jovenel Moss. .

For its part, the Biden administration has stepped up deportation flights to Haiti, but it has come under heavy criticism from human rights groups, who say Haitian immigrants and asylum seekers are being turned back to face a "fatal danger."