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Saudi Arabia: a maximum of 20 people in weddings and condolences

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stressed the need to adhere to the instructions issued by the competent authorities, with regard to gatherings and the permissible limit of presence at the site of the event and the issuance of permits, according to "Okaz".

She confirmed that the gathering permit can be used by people if they have visitors for a specific occasion such as “weddings” and “condolences” and others, and it is issued through the services page in one of the applications, by choosing “Request a new permit”, then choosing “gathering permit”, Then specify the type of permit “governmental, commercial or personal”, then fill in the required fields, then request the permit, stressing that the maximum allowed in the “personal gathering permit” is 20 visitors, calling on everyone to abide by the instructions of the competent authorities.

He stated that the requirements for a "personal gathering permit" are: writing the name of the gathering place, then specifying the number of visitors allowed to the place with a maximum of 20 visitors, then specifying the approximate radius of the place with a minimum of 200 meters, then specifying the location on the map, and then requesting a permit.