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Russia: The first test-launch of a hypersonic missile "Zirkon" from a submarine next October

A source in the Russian defense industry announced that the first test-fire of a hypersonic missile "Zirkon" from a submarine will take place next October.

The source told the Russian TASS news agency today, Thursday, that "this missile will be launched from the "Severodvinsk" submarine from the surface of the sea during tests in the White Sea early next month."

He added, "Based on the results of the first test next October, the second test of launching the missile from the submarine from under the surface of the water may take place next November," noting that the first test was scheduled to take place this September and was postponed due to the need to complete technical preparation for it. .

The source confirmed that the tests of the hypersonic "Zirkon" missiles are scheduled to continue in 2022, before providing them to the forces of the Russian Navy.