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Prince William uses a typewriter to write the introduction to a new book on Earth

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, appeared in a video clip while using a typewriter to transcribe the introduction to the new book titled “Earth shot: How to Save our Planet”, which is the authoritative book for The Earth shot award, and the official account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was published on the “Instagram” website. ', a video of Prince William's blogging moment, the introduction to the book, which he is sponsoring with a selection of world famous people.

And Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, announced, via video and blogging published on his official account on the “Instagram” website, that this book will be available from September 30.

Within the framework of royal family news, it is noteworthy that the British BBC, earlier, entered into negotiations with Prince William and Prince Harry, to overcome the crisis of Princess Diana’s interview with broadcaster Martin Bashir, in which he resorted to misinformation and some lies to secure the famous television interview with the princess. The late, which was shown on "BBC" in 1995.

The British network is currently negotiating with the British royal family, a payment of 1.5 million pounds, as compensation for damages caused to the British royal family and Princess Diana's family as a result of her controversial television interview in the 1990s, according to the British Daily Mail.

According to the British newspaper, the amount of money that the BBC plans to pay, which is the total value of the amount that the network achieved from selling the global rights to broadcast and display Bashir's interview with Princess Diana, in addition to the value of compensation.

The final terms of the compensation agreement between the BBC and the British royal family have not been set, nor has a specific date been set for the payment of compensation money, but the outlines of the agreement stipulate that the value of the compensation money paid will be borne by BBC Studios, and will go to a charity of choice Princes William and Harry.