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Osama Nabih agrees to return to the Carton device and is waiting for the decision session

Osama Nabih, the general coach of Zamalek, expressed his initial approval to return to the coach of the team, the French Patrice Carteron, after his departure from his position and his resignation through his account on Facebook, and then the past days witnessed attempts to bring the two sides closer.

A source close to Osama Nabih revealed his confirmation that he is a son of the Zamalek club and considers him as his home and does not have any crisis in returning, and all that is in the matter is that he is waiting for a meeting with the Zamalek administration to put the final frills about his return or not.

The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club, headed by Hussein Labib, succeeded in renewing the contract of the Frenchman, Carteron, for the next 3 seasons, with a penalty clause of 300,000 dollars, after his success in winning the Premier League, in order to add more stability within the team that is preparing to play its match against Tusker. The Kenyan club, which is scheduled to be held in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, which will be held either on the 15th or 16th of next October.

Zamalek crowned the Premier League title in the past season, to participate in the current version of the African Champions League, where Al-Abyad won the local title for the 13th time in the history of the Mit Oqba Castle, after topping the Premier League table, with 80 points, after playing 34 games during which he won In 24 matches, he drew in 8 matches and was defeated in two matches, while his players scored 61 goals as the second strongest attacking line in the competition after Al-Ahly, whose players scored 72 goals, and the White net conceded 21 goals to be the strongest line of defense in the competition.