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Learn about safety precautions for safe swimming in light of the spread of Corona

The delta variable is more contagious and transmissible compared to other strains of the Corona virus, and anxiety has increased due to this variable, which made many people stay away from various activities, including going to swimming pools, in this report we learn about whether swimming pools are safe to use in the presence of the delta variable Corona virus and prevention tips, according to what was published by the “Cleveland Clinic” website.

Is swimming safe in light of the Corona delta variable?


Experts confirmed that jumping in the pool to relax or do some exercise is safe, as the virus is not transmitted through water and in general, the virus does not live in water, so it will not spread well in water.

It follows that outdoor swimming pools in the open air are better options than indoor pools, and the size of the swimming pools is also important in reducing the risk of infection, as larger swimming pools have less risk of infection with the coronavirus, and on the contrary, smaller swimming pools are close to the distance between people. The virus can be transmitted through aerosols.

Movement also makes a difference in the transmission of virus particles, so when you're swimming, you're always on the move and you're not in constant close contact with others, so you'll be fairly low-risk.

Corona safety precautions in swimming pools


Social distancing and wearing a mask is a safety precaution that must be taken outside the water, and you should not wear a mask in the pool of course, but you must take your precautions in anything else around the pool, such as: changing rooms by maintaining a distance of about two meters from others.

Wearing a mask to prevent transmission of the virus on swimming pool surfaces, maintaining social distancing in addition to receiving vaccinations - these are just ways to reduce the chances of infection with the coronavirus.