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Learn about the deals of the new Misr Clearing Club in the current summer Mercato

Misr Al-Maqassa Club officials concluded a contract with more than one player in the current period, within the plan of the technical staff led by Tamer Mustafa to support the Fayoumi team next season and fill the gaps in its ranks, especially after the departure of more than one player.

Misr El-Makassa Club contracted more than one player, such as Mahmoud Hamdy, the former Al-Masry player, and Mahmoud Adel, the former El Entag El-Harby player, in a free transfer deal after the termination of their contracts with their clubs.

Egypt also signed a contract with the foreign duo Sergey Eric and John Avery, former Future FC players, in addition to the return of Mustafa Kajo, the left-back, and Mahmoud Salah, the former Ghazl El-Mahalla striker.

Essam Serag El-Din, the sports director of the Misr Club for Clearing and the club's official spokesman, stressed that his club's position is sound regarding the file of foreign cases brought against the club to the International Football Association regarding the dues of its former foreign players.

Serag El-Din said in exclusive statements that within a short period of time, we ended our problems with FIFA, especially the cases of Ugandan Khaled Ocho and Nigerian Edo Moses, and we succeeded in settling the dues of the duo, the two cases that played a role in stopping the registration of the Fayoumi team before moving quickly and solving the club's registration problem with the Football Association.

He clarified that the clearing position in the case of Ahmed Marshouh and Kevin Muhairi, the former Al-Fayoumi players, is very strong and with documents, stressing that the club is dealing with an Italian law firm at the highest level to end its foreign disputes.

The sports director of Misr Clearing added that his club has a professional administration and a legal office at the highest level, and is good at dealing with all its foreign cases.