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In your battle with thinness, we will answer your most important questions on your journey to gaining weight safely

Many women are looking for diets that help them increase their weight and overcome thinness and continuous weight loss, so the searches for a diet that makes you gain weight without exposing you to the risk of chronic diseases related to harmful levels of fats and the risk of cholesterol remains a goal pursued by women of thin stature.

And according to a report published in Healthline, it answers the most important questions that women are looking for about the best diet to gain weight, within a short period of time.

What foods should be included in your daily meals?

Eat high-calorie foods that make you gain more weight, without harming your health, such as juices and fruits such as mango, grapes, and watermelon.

How dairy products help to overcome thinness?

Full-fat dairy products rich in fat contribute to your weight gain, so you can eat 1 cup of whole milk a day, because it contains 150 calories.

What is the best type of bread that helps you gain weight?

White bread is the best option for gaining weight. You can eat it during breakfast and dinner because it will give you energy and is rich in carbohydrates that increase your weight without gaining harmful fats for your body.

How do you choose the best lunch during the journey to gain weight?

This meal must depend on carbohydrates, which include rice, pasta, and bread. You must eat two cups of rice in the meal, in addition to eating more vegetables and meat in different ways that the kidneys gain you an increase in muscle.

What is the importance of snacks in overcoming thinness?

In addition to the three meals, you can add “snack” snacks between meals, which are usually nuts such as almonds and lamb’s eye, or eat fruits such as avocado, where one pill contains 332 calories, and dates are the best snack for gaining weight.