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Hisham El-Anany submits his candidacy papers for the presidency of the Ismaili Club

Hisham Anani submitted his candidacy papers for the position of president in the Ismaili Club elections, after the club’s board of directors headed by Ibrahim Othman opened yesterday, Thursday, the door for candidacy to elect a new board of directors for the club, and applications for candidacy continue to be received until next Wednesday, from nine in the morning until five in the evening, except today The latter will receive applications for candidacy until seven in the evening, and it is expected that the general assembly will be held to elect a new board of directors on October 31.

Amr Zaki, a former member of the Ismaili board of directors, also submitted papers to run for the position of deputy in the Ismaili Club elections.

Engineer Ibrahim Othman, president of the Ismaili club, is studying not to run in the upcoming Yellow Castle elections because of his desire to be absent from the scene inside the club after the recent events and the attack he was subjected to from some fans after the results of the Dervishes declined in recent years, and the mystery still surrounds his younger brother Ahmed Othman, the supervisor of the football team. From contesting the elections, the Othman family has the largest number of voting blocs within the Ismaili Club.

Yahya Al-Koumi, Nasr Abu Al-Hassan, Osama Khalil and Hisham Anani announced their intention to run for the presidency of the Ismaili club through their official accounts on social media, while none of them has so far submitted their candidacy papers.

The number of Ismaili General Assembly members who are entitled to vote in the upcoming elections is about 5,000 or a little more, who have paid their contributions for the ended fiscal year to choose the new council that will lead the club for four years.