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Hamdi Al-Naqaz organizes the training of Zamalek .. and a welcome from Carton and the players

Tunisian international Hamdi El-Naqaz, the newly joined right-back to the first team in Zamalek, participated in the training this evening, Friday, at Abdel Latif Abu Rjeila Stadium, at the White Castle headquarters, for the first time after officially joining the team.

The team players and the technical staff, led by French Patrice Carteron, were keen to welcome the player.

Zamalek officials put 3 scenarios in front of Carteron, in order to determine the fate of Hamdi Al-Naqaz, after the player signed contracts to join the team for 3 seasons.

Cartieron is scheduled to decide the fate of the Tunisian in the coming days, whether by continuing with the team according to the technical need, loaning him to another club before the end of the registration, or placing him on the waiting list in the event that the team does not need his services at the present time, and Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing Zamalek, confirmed that the final decision will be In the hands of the technical staff led by Carteron.

Labib spoke about the Tunisian contract, Hamdi Al-Naqaz, saying: “The criticism directed at the committee because of Al-Naqaz makes me feel that we did not win any championship this season, and we dealt with the file in an optimal manner. Mention the names.

Zamalek officials agreed with Al-Naqaz to join Zamalek for a period of 3 seasons, provided that his fine against the club, amounting to one million and 300 thousand euros, will be paid in installments for the period of his stay in Zamalek, which continues according to the new contract for 3 seasons.