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Drivers Wanted: British Labor Party leader demands labor visas for 100,000 foreigners

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has called today for 100,000 foreign truck drivers to be given visas to come to the UK as he criticized the government's handling of the fuel crisis.

Ministers announced a temporary visa scheme that will allow 5,000 heavy truck drivers to take up work in the UK until Christmas Eve.

But Sir Keir said 'we will have to bring in more drivers and more visas' amid reports that the driver shortage exceeds 90,000 people. Britain's exit from the European Union.

He said the government was guilty of a "complete lack of planning" as he suggested he would also give permission for EU workers to come to the UK to take up jobs in other industries struggling for employment such as hospitality and food processing.

A shortage of heavy truck drivers has hit the country's fuel grid while retailers have warned the government that it has only 10 days to save Christmas from "significant disruption" amid stresses on the food supply chain.

Ministers want companies to hire and train British workers to fill job vacancies with visas for 5,000 short-term repair drivers considered.

But Sir Keir said the government had to go much further to avoid the protracted chaos this winter.

He said, "With regard to the situation of heavy trucks, we will have to bring in more drivers and more visas. I am amazed at the attitude of the government, and it knows that the situation is not moving today." Sir Kerr continued: "For a long time we have known there has been a problem with heavy truck drivers, which has been around for years."