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Dina Meshref tops the African rankings and ranks 35th in the world in table tennis

Dina Meshref, the Egyptian champion in table tennis, advanced three places to reach the 35th rank in the world table tennis rankings, and comes at the fore in the African table tennis players’ ranking.

The Egyptian table tennis players took the throne of the African continent, after winning the men's and women's championships in all tournaments during the current stage, and appearing strongly during the combined tournaments.


Egypt sits on the throne of Africa in table tennis for adults 2021:

- Men's Team Gold

Women's Team Gold

- Gold men's singles Omar Asr

- Women's singles gold

Mixed Gold (Dina Meshref + Omar Asr)

Women's Doubles Gold (Yousra Helmy + Farah Abdel Aziz)

- Men's Doubles Silver (Ahmed Saleh + Khaled Asr)


Omar Asr, player of Al-Ahly Club and the Egyptian national team, won the African Table Tennis Championship after beating Nigeria's Orona 4/1, in the match that was held in Cameroon.


Omar Asr, a table tennis player, succeeded in qualifying for the final of the African Championship, which is being held in Cameroon, after defeating the Senegalese player 4-0.


Maryam Al-Hudaybi also succeeded in crowning the African Table Tennis Championship after defeating Hana Gouda by 4 games to three in a marathon match between the two champions of Al-Ahly Club in the tournament that was held in Cameroon.


Maryam Al-Hudaibi won the first set in her favour, 14/12, and here Gouda won the second set 11/5, and here Gouda advanced in the second and third set of the match with a score of 11/7, and here she strengthened her progress by deciding the fourth set in her favour, 13/11, and Maryam Al-Hudaybi reduced The result was a victory in the fifth set, 11/6, and Maryam managed to equalize in the sixth set with a result of 13/11. The match went to a tiebreak, which Maryam Al-Hudaybi decided with a score of 11/5, to crown the African title.