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Details of Mohamed Abdel Ghani's crisis in Zamalek, and the player ends his absence from training

Mohamed Abdel Ghani, the defender of Zamalek, was in the team’s training for the first time after a period of absence due to the crisis of his contract with the club, and a source close to the player revealed all the details of the crisis and also the details of the negotiation between Pyramids and Zamalek about the player’s transfer to Pyramids during the current summer transfer period.


The source explained that the crisis came before the end of the elapsed league by nearly 7 games, as the player discovered when he came to receive his salary that there is a missing financial value from his salary to go to talk to Hussein Al-Sayed, a member of the committee in charge of managing the club, who explained to him that this financial value is a value ratio Development taxes, other than determining the participation rate at the end of the season, to explain to the player that his current contract with the club when he renewed it with the club ensured that he was not charged for the participation rate, and the club also bears the value of development fees.


And the source added, that the player received a promise to solve the matter when crowning the league, and when the team was crowned the league, the player asked for the remaining financial value from his contract, but the club’s ball management informed him that the value would be deducted because it was a development fee from his contract, which the player refused, especially if he contracted with that. The matter will become less than the second category in the club, especially since he was also deducted 250 thousand pounds before that, which is a value that he will bear from the value that Zamalek paid to Egypt Club to include him before, and the player received at this time during those discussions an offer from Pyramids through his agent.


Abdel-Ghani indicated to his agent that his first desire is to stay inside Zamalek with an increase in his contract worth two and a half million pounds to be equal with the second category in the team. 15 million pounds for his agent to talk with the Pyramids administration about the issue and then with the football administration in Zamalek, to end up with a verbal agreement via calls through Abdel Ghani’s business agent about the player’s transfer to Pyramids in exchange for Zamalek receiving the services of Ahmed Ayman Mansour, the Pyramids defender, and 7 million pounds, provided that the administration responds Pyramids finally decided to complete the matter or not within the current 48 hours.