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AHA: Two Israelis killed in a light plane crash before landing in Greece

The Israeli Walla news website reported today, Tuesday, that two Israelis were killed last night in a plane crash on its way to Greece, indicating that the two people are: Haim Groun, a former official in the Israeli Ministry of Communications and his wife.

"The couple took off from Haifa on a single-engine plane yesterday afternoon, and were flying near the island of Samos near Turkey, when their light plane crashed on Monday night," the newspaper "Times of Israel" said. The Greek Coast Guard retrieved their bodies after several hours with the help of divers".

Israeli officials told the newspaper that "the Greek Air Accidents Investigation Committee and the Greek Aviation Board are investigating the causes of the crash." While the Greek aviation authorities said, in a statement, that "shortly before landing, contact with the control tower in Samos was lost, and the Greek aviation authority informed Civil aviation search and rescue center lost contact.

Greek media reported that the plane, a Cessna 172, apparently suffered from a technical problem and disappeared from radar, and the cause of the crash is still unclear.