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6 morning habits the password to burn fat in your body and regain your fitness

The dream of losing weight is not only limited to sticking to a healthy diet that helps you burn stored fat and get rid of it, but there are daily habits if you make sure of them that will surprise you with amazing results in your battle against obesity, as these daily habits play an important role in preparing your body to burn calories and increase the metabolism process Nutrition, which ultimately affects your weight.

And according to a report published on the Express website, he revealed the most prominent morning habits that when followed daily in the early morning contribute to losing more weight.

Among the most prominent of those habits that you should practice immediately after waking up from sleep:

1. Take a cold shower

Start your day by taking a cold bath, which contributes to activating the work of brown adipose tissue, which is responsible for the accumulation of fat inside your body, which helps you get rid of it and burn it, after previous studies have proven the effectiveness of cold water in burning fat.

2. Have a glass of warm water

It is allowed to take more than one cup of warm water with honey or lemon before eating breakfast, which helps you burn calories.

3. Breakfast

Make sure to eat breakfast on a specific date daily, and that its components contain proteins and fiber, which you find in eating eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and you can also eat oats, which gives you satiety and helps you burn fat.

4. Doing sports

You should exercise in the open air, as exposure to the sun helps you to produce vitamin D, which gives you energy and helps you burn calories, and you can do low-intensity exercises such as walking or yoga for 20 minutes.

5. Prepare healthy meals for the rest of your day

If you are keen on preparing healthy meals to eat during your working day, which depend on proteins and other important vitamins and nutrients, away from fast food that makes you gain more weight and harms your heart health.

6. Avoid juices

Stay away from juices with added sugars when eating breakfast and replace them with large amounts of water.