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Why did Al-Hanafi calculate a penalty for Zizou and overlook the Ajay game? .. The Referees Committee answers

A state of great controversy accompanied the calculation of the international referee, Muhammad Al-Hanafi, a penalty kick in favor of Zamalek striker Ahmed Sayed Zizou, in the face of Ceramica in the General League, and Zamalek won it 2-1, while the same referee did not award a penalty kick in favor of Nigerian Junior Ajay, striker Al-Ahly against Al-Ismaili, which is The confrontation that ended in a goalless draw between the two teams.

An informed source within the referees committee revealed the reason behind calculating the Zizou game while the Ajay game was not calculated, stressing that Muhammad Al-Hanafi did not calculate the two games and asked to continue playing, but in the Ajay game he was not summoned by the mouse because there was no picture showing the violation, while the mouse was summoned Muhammad Al-Hanafi in the Zizou game because there are pictures showing the violation that occurred with Zizou from Amer Amer, the ceramica guard.

The source added, that Al-Hanafi requested pictures of the incident of the violation against Zizou and requested to determine the location of the ball at the time of the violation and whether it was inside or outside the stadium for the referees of the mouse to show him a picture of the violation, and at the same time a picture of the ball while it is still inside the stadium at the moment of the violation, as if The photo was outside the court at the time of the infringement, and the penalty kick will not be awarded at that time.