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The Syrian President discusses with a member of the European Parliament the developments of the situation

The Syrian news agency, SANA, reported that President Bashar al-Assad received Terry Mariani, a member of the European Parliament - a member of the French National Rally party, and his accompanying delegation.

The Syrian Agency stated that during the meeting, discussions were held about the developments of the situation in Syria and the region, where President al-Assad answered the delegation members' questions related to the situation on the ground and the difficult conditions experienced by the Syrian people as a result of the sanctions and the unjust siege imposed on them, noting that despite the negative effects of this siege in all aspects. life, but the Syrians have learned how to create new ideas and solutions through which they can overcome difficulties.

According to the presidential statement issued by the Syrian presidency, President al-Assad considered it necessary to have a dialogue at the parliamentary level and at the intellectual and cultural level in order to analyze and understand the developments and changes taking place in the region and the world, stressing the importance of parliamentary and cultural delegations visiting Syria and the region to see things as they are And in order to be able to link between political statements and reality, because what Europe suffers from in the issue of refugees, terrorism and extremism is caused by its wrong policies in the Middle East.

The talk touched on the role of national thought in the Arab region, identity and the relationship between religion and politics, and the great challenges faced by the countries of the world as a result of extremism that has penetrated many societies, including European ones, as a result of the failure of their governments to develop correct policies to achieve the integration of immigrants to Europe while retaining their original identity.