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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia visits the Museum of Civilization and invites the Serbs to visit Egypt

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat received Mr. Nikola Silakovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Ambassador Miroslav Estovian, Director of the Middle East Department at the Serbian Foreign Ministry, and Serbian Ambassador in Cairo Susana Pskovic.


The Serbian delegation was received by Firouz Fikri, Executive Vice President of the Museum Authority for Management and Operation, who explained that this visit is one of a series of visits by public figures and international officials that the museum has witnessed since its opening last April.


 She added that the Serbian Foreign Minister and his accompanying delegation toured the central exhibition hall and the royal mummies hall, where Mr. Sayed Abu Al-Fadl, the supervisor of the museum's exhibition halls, explained the philosophy of the museum display and the history of the museum's archaeological holdings.


The Serbian Foreign Minister showed great interest in what he saw of archaeological holdings that reflect the ancient Egyptian civilization through different ages.


During his tour, the Serbian Foreign Minister expressed his great admiration for the museum, especially as it highlights Egypt's civilized status through the archaeological treasures on display.


It is worth noting that the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs conducted a press interview for one of the Serbian channels from inside the museum, during which he invited the Serbian people to visit Egypt and enjoy the different and distinguished tourist products and patterns.


The Minister was also keen to write a word in the museum's visit book, in which he expressed his gratitude for the good reception inside the museum and his fascination with the ancient Egyptian civilization, wishing to visit the museum again.