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Greece announces the construction of a 40 kilometer wall to prevent entry of potential refugees from Afghanistan

Greece announced today, Saturday, the construction of a 40-kilometre-long wall on its border with Turkey, and installed an advanced monitoring system to prevent the arrival of potential asylum seekers to Europe after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

The British newspaper "The Guardian" reported - on its website - that the Taliban's rapid advance in Afghanistan last week ignited fears about the possibility of Europe facing a new migration crisis, as happened in 2015 due to the Syrian conflict.

Greek Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysodis said - according to the newspaper - that the country had taken steps to prevent a recurrence of the scenes that occurred 6 years ago, explaining that there was already an 8-mile wall.

"We cannot passively wait for the potential impact (on the country)," the Greek minister added, stressing that the Greek borders would remain secure and impregnable.