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Biden: The epidemiological situation in the United States is "tragic" and warns of the worst

US President Joe Biden said that the "Delta" mutated from the Corona virus is very different from its predecessors, as it is highly transmissible and causes a new wave of infections.

And Biden added in a speech from the White House, according to the American “CNN” news channel, that the cases of infection due to “Delta” amount to about 80% of cases today in the United States.

Biden called for the necessity of obtaining vaccinations against corona in order to avoid the disease, noting that vaccinations also relieve symptoms in the event of infection with the virus.

He stressed that about 90 million Americans can receive vaccines against the virus, but they have not yet received the first dose.

Biden made it clear that receiving vaccinations will help reopen the economy and keep businesses running.

The US President added that the financial stimulus package, estimated at about $ 100, has contributed to encouraging people to receive vaccinations daily.

The US President criticized the states that banned the wearing of masks in schools, calling on the governors of these states to help avoid the spread of the disease.

The US President stressed the adequacy of the anti-coronavirus doses for all Americans, stressing that he wants to contain this virus "on the world level" and not only within the United States.

The US President went on to say that his country is committed to becoming a "vaccine arsenal," noting that Washington provides aid to other countries around the world, stressing that these "donations" from the United States are free.