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Afghan director calls for help in a video: Kabul fell and the world stabbed us behind our backs

An Afghan citizen called Sahra Karimi, an Afghan filmmaker and filmmaker, sent a distress message to help the people from the inferno of the Taliban movement after they took control of the capital, Kabul.

And she said in a video message transmitted by Sky News: "I did not leave the homeland until the last moment, and some may think that this is stupidity, but stupidity is what those who took advantage of this country did."

And Afghan director Sahra Karimi added: "Stupidity is what those who sold the homeland and played with the blood of the soldiers of this country did. Stupidity is what the world has done and stabbed us behind our backs. Stupidity is what the Americans did to conclude an agreement with the Taliban. Unfortunately, what should not happen, and here is Kabul." Call us down."

And the Afghan director, Sahra Karimi, tweeted a distress message on her personal account on the "Twitter" website, saying: "The Taliban came to say us."

A few hours after the announcement of the Taliban's control of the Afghan capital, Kabul airport witnessed a state of chaos with the United States evacuating its entire embassy members, and other countries evacuating their nationals while hundreds of Afghans tried to leave the country.

The American Wall Street Journal reported that the chaotic scenes at Kabul International Airport turned bloody as thousands of Afghans scrambled, hoping to catch any of the evacuation planes after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

The United States killed two militants at Kabul airport, a US official said, as they approached the forces deployed at the airport, and at least three other Afghans were killed as they were clinging to the side of a plane evacuating personnel from the airport. US military aircraft moving on the runway.