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Yemeni security forces find a Houthi communications network and dismantle dozens of mines in the Al-Kadha area

The commander of the security area in Al-Kadha, Maqbana and Jabal Habashi, west of Taiz Governorate, Yemen, Colonel Muhammad Muqbel Saleh, confirmed on Friday that the Yemeni security forces, after an intelligence operation, found a device used in the communications networks of the Houthi militia in the Al-Sahha area in Al-Kadha, next to mine networks.


Saleh explained - according to what was reported by the official website of the Yemeni armed forces, "September Net" - that the Yemeni military units were able to neutralize dozens of mines planted by the Houthi militia, calling on all Yemeni citizens in Al-Kadha, Maqbana and Jabal Habashi to stand united with the security and military services so that they can: Performing its duty in the required manner, praising their pioneering role in the success of many security missions.