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Washington Post: A growing Christian movement in America calls for a country "under God's authority"

The Washington Post has highlighted a rapidly growing new Christian movement that is openly political and wants a state under God's authority, described by the newspaper as essential to the Republican Party led by former President Donald Trump.

 The newspaper explains that this church represents a growing type of Christianity in the United States, whose goal includes subjugating all aspects of life under the authority of the God of the Bible, from schools to city halls in Washington, to which the church priest traveled a month after the events of the storming of Congress on January 6 Himself in front of the Capitol, and he says quietly: "Father: We declare that America is yours."

Recently, this priest stood in front of a map of the city of Fort Worth in Texas, where his church is, and in front of him 1500 people to tell them that God told him that Fort Worth was enslaved to four prominent demonic forces, and that all of America is in the grip of an anti-Christ spirit, and that God told him that the year 2021 It will be a supernatural year in which believers will rise up and wage a spiritual war to advance the kingdom of God. This was one of the reasons why he wore a bright red shirt bearing the name of a church sage who is running for mayor of Fort Worth.

 The newspaper pointed out that this church, which was established in 2019, has grown significantly, so that it holds three prayers on Sunday attended by about 4,500 people, and holds a prayer in Spanish on the sixth and plans to expand in other parts of the United States.

The church bears the name "Culture of Compassion", and it is part of a growing Christian movement that is non-sectarian and openly political, and has become a driver of the Republican Party and President Trump. The church is home to some of the country's largest religious congregations, nestled in the shells of old Baptist churches, former supermarkets and sprawling multi-million dollar buildings, and has its own security to regulate arrivals on Sundays.