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The Suez Canal Economy signs a logistic center contract for Mercedes in Ain Sukhna

This morning, the Suez Canal Economic Zone signed a contract with Mercedes-Benz to establish a logistic center in Ain Sukhna, where Eng. Yahya Zaki, head of the zone, and Raoul Rohan, managing director of Mercedes, signed the contract between the two sides to establish a logistic distribution center and redistribution within the zone. In the presence of Peter Ernst Ross, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Major General Mohamed Shaaban, Vice President of the Authority for the Southern Region, and Walid Gamal El-Din, Executive Director of the Authority.


Engineer Yahya Zaki said that this is an important step by Mercedes to support the auto industry in the economic zone, in addition to the projects and contracts with major international companies that would support and advance investment in the region.


Zaki added that this project has gone through many negotiations until the economic zone has now succeeded in completing all the negotiation stages and reaching the establishment of a logistics center for Mercedes that includes a storage yard for cars, a center for auto parts and a maintenance workshop.