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The Lebanese crisis..Protesters block roads and pharmacies enter an open strike

Some roads are still blocked and violent confrontations continue in areas of Lebanon, which began yesterday after Saad Hariri announced his apology for forming the government, according to the Lebanon website.

Protests have returned in several areas in Lebanon, and a state of chaos has spread, and some young people have deliberately destroyed the contents of restaurants and cafes and expelled customers from them in some areas, as soon as they heard Hariri's apology.


The protesters also blocked a number of roads, most notably the Cola Roundabout in both directions, the Saray Road in Sidon, the Beddawi Highway in both directions in the Akumi locality, the Mazraa Corniche in both directions, the Naameh Highway in both directions, the Sayed Hadi Highway with burning tires, the Muhammara Highway in both directions, the Airport Road, the Talabaya highway in both directions, Minieh Al Abdah International Road.


On the other hand, pharmacies closed their doors today and announced an open strike in protest against the "crisis of drug loss and the attacks they are exposed to," calling for "a solution to this problem and protection for them." According to MTV Lebanon.


In Sidon and its region, pharmacies closed their doors in protest against "the crisis of losing medicines and the abuse they are exposed to in a number of areas, as a result of the crisis and in order to pressure to find solutions to this problem in order to ensure the public safety of the citizen."