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The European Union sponsors cultural initiatives for young people from nine Arab countries

The European Union sponsors cultural initiatives for 32 young people from nine Arab countries within the framework of the regional "Culture of what goes on" program entitled "Cultural and civic initiatives led by young people", with the aim of promoting access to culture and reviving intercultural dialogue through community projects based on the principle of cooperation. The ages of these young people range between 18 and 35 years and are from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Libya and Syria.


Today, Tuesday, Mohab Saber, coordinator of the “Culture of Dire What Goes” program, said that the partnership with the European Union in this context mainly focuses on strengthening a vibrant cultural system, especially in disadvantaged areas, in addition to encouraging diversity and dialogue between all cultural parties in the region.


He added that the program "Cultural and Civic Initiatives Led by Youth" is implemented by the Tunisian Association (Street Art) and is based on the importance of the interrelation of culture and citizenship to stimulate sustainable change.


For her part, Camille Holzel, who is responsible for monitoring and cooperation projects in the Street Art Association, explained that cultural work in its broadest sense represents the basis of our association, based on the ability of human ties and creative awareness to bring about socio-economic development and drive positive change.


"Our goal is to provide actual support for the creativity of young people in the region, by providing them with the necessary time and means to be able to invent sustainable projects based on cooperation, and in harmony with the environment," Holzel said in a press release, noting that this means giving young people the opportunity through Time, technical support and guidance, in addition to the financial grant, in order to encourage thinking, designing and producing projects capable of achieving the greatest possible impact in their community.