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“Taxation” obliges people and companies with a turnover of more than 500,000 pounds to register

Reda Abdel Qader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, stressed that the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority always strive to achieve tax justice and make great efforts to inventory all transactions that take place through electronic platforms, and determine who is doing them in order to take the necessary to obtain the rights of the state's public treasury.


Abdel Qader explained that people and companies that sell their goods or services through websites and are not registered with the Egyptian Tax Authority must quickly register with the Authority, and open a tax file, as well as those whose annual turnover has reached more than 500,000 pounds, the obligation to register with the Egyptian Tax Authority In order not to fall under the law in the crime of tax evasion, as well as delivery service providers who deliver goods to buyers, it is necessary to register with the authority, pointing out that failure to register for value-added tax and failure to submit monthly returns is one of the cases of tax evasion, which reaches Its punishment is imprisonment from three to five years and it is a crime against honor.


Abdel Qader pointed out that the IRS’s Integrated Communication Center receives the inquiries of financiers through the hotline “16395” and the e-mail info@eta.gov.eg, and responds to them; In a manner that contributes to building tax awareness, and overcoming any obstacles that may face the tax community, in a manner that establishes the pillars of effective and fruitful communication with the tax community.


It is worth noting that after the issuance of Ministry of Finance Decision No. (285) for the year 2021, everyone who provides services through websites and is not registered with the Tax Authority, and the annual turnover has reached more than 500,000 pounds, is obliged to register for value added tax and must abide by the provisions of the law.