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Study: Using crossword puzzles and solving puzzles contributes to a delay in the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms

A study issued by the American Rush University revealed that the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease were delayed in patients who used to solve puzzles and play games that require more thinking, such as chess or card games, according to a report published on the Express website.

The researchers confirmed the ability of those games that require thinking and concentration to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease in these patients for 5 years, compared to others who are not accustomed to playing these games.


The study indicated that those activities carried out by patients, such as solving crossword puzzles or using chess games, contributed to preventing the emergence of Alzheimer's in patients over the age of 80 years, as the study was conducted on about 457 cases of Alzheimer's patients, to assess the cognitive abilities among patients and link them Playing many games that require a degree of concentration, research and thinking.


The researchers found a link between cognitive activity and the age at which a person develops Alzheimer’s disease and the activities he performed later in life, noting the importance of these games related to research and thinking to solve puzzles in preventing the onset of dementia and also in activating memory, which is gradually affected when Alzheimer’s disease appears .


The researchers stated that the causes of Alzheimer's disease are still mysterious, as genetic genes play a role among those patients who suffer from a certain type of it called familial Alzheimer's, and stress and anxiety affect patients in the early emergence of Alzheimer's, especially in young age.