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Shawky Gharib takes 18 players to Tokyo... and the Al-Ahly quartet join the mission

The technical staff of the Olympic team, led by Shawky Gharib, decided to take 18 players to Tokyo, to join the Egyptian delegation, there are 4 players from Al-Ahly Club, after the CAF Champions League final on July 17 against Kaiserchives in Morocco.

Contacts are currently taking place between the technical staff of the Egyptian Olympic team and Al-Ahly Club to select two Al-Ahly players to travel with the mission to Tokyo before the African final, with four players to join the mission after the African final.

Shawky Gharib included 6 players from Al-Ahly, Mohamed El-Shennawy, Akram Tawfiq, Nasser Maher, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Taher Mohamed Taher and Salah Mohsen, to the Olympics list.

In the same context, Olympic team officials, led by Shawky Gharib, revealed that FIFA informed the Egyptian Football Association that all matches in the Tokyo Olympics, during which 5 changes will be made for each team, not just 3.


Olympic team officials explained that the decision benefits the team’s interest, as it will give the opportunity for 16 players to participate in each match, and the technical staff will benefit from all the players who have been included in the Olympics list.


Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, discusses traveling to Tokyo early, and not waiting until July 17, to play a friendly match there before the Olympics, in addition to the players getting used to the biological clock due to the large time difference between Egypt and Japan.


Shawky Gharib chose 22 players for the Olympics: goalkeeper: Muhammad Al-Shennawi - Muhammad Sobhi - Mahmoud Gad, and defense: Ahmed Abul-Fotouh - Karim Fouad - Ahmed Hegazy - Mahmoud Al-Wansh - Muhammad Abd al-Salam - Ahmed Ramadan "Beckham" - Osama Jalal - Karim Al-Iraqi And the middle: Akram Tawfiq - Ammar Hamdi - Imam Ashour - Nasser Maher - Ramadan Sobhi - Ibrahim Adel - Abdel Rahman Magdy - Taher Mohamed Taher, and the attacker: Ahmed Yasser Rayan - Salah Mohsen - Nasser Mansi.