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Ramy Rabia: She was crowned with 4 African Championships... and the Afsha and Sherif duo are an extension of great generations

Ramy Rabea, defender of Al-Ahly Club, confirmed that the Red Castle system as a whole is the most important factor in achieving success and crowning championships, and Ramy Rabea said in statements to the “60 Minutes” program on the On Sport 2 screen, “I crowned 4 titles in the African Champions League, and there is only one Al-Ahly club, which can win championships constantly in this way, everything within the Al-Ahly system helps success.”

Rabia added, "Kaizer Chiefs is a respectable team and knocked out big teams from the tournament, and our goal was to snatch an early goal, expel us more, and hold the final in one match better, because the stress in two matches and the luck factor make the task very difficult."

And the Al-Ahly defender continued, “The football player within the Al-Ahly system does not care about negative speech, and in the end the account is the end of the season and what you achieved during it. Sometimes we face misfortune and play matches with substandard performance, but the lesson is in the end.

Rabia added, "The players now have a desire to win, and they feel that this beautiful person will be subjected to injustice if he does not win titles, and we have a desire to prove ourselves without considering who will play and who will sit on the bench.

Regarding the Afsha and Sharif duo, Rabea said, "Every generation has a duality, including understanding, and Afsha and Mohamed Sharif have known each other for a long time before Al-Ahly, and they serve the team as a whole, and with the support of their colleagues, they achieve great success. .

And Rabia concluded, “The ambitions of Al-Ahly fans to win the 11th title motivate us, but in the coming period we will focus on the league championship.”