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Mokhtar: Any coach in Al-Ahly is lucky, and the pressure of the points difference with Zamalek is positive

Mokhtar Mokhtar, the former Al-Ahly club star, confirmed that any coach working in Al-Ahly Club is considered a lucky coach, because he has all the means of success, and Mokhtar said in statements to the “60 Minutes” program on the On Sport 2 screen, “Mosimane is going well despite the mistakes of the match. Pyramids and this is likely to happen, and certainly Musimani treated the mistakes in front of Smouha, the scoring rate was very good, and if things calmed down more, the result could have been greater, but Smouha is a great team.

Mokhtar added, in general, any coach working in Al-Ahly is lucky, technical and administrative capabilities and integrated capabilities and all the reasons for success are available in Al-Ahly, and the team’s players have greatly increased their abilities and this contributes to winning championships, and Al-Ahly all that aspires to something greater that increases the level of its players.

Mokhtar Mokhtar pointed out that the ambition in Al-Ahly is without limits, and the tournament periods are very close to each other, and this motivates the players to harvest them, and Al-Ahly players live under pressure continuously, and this matter has a positive and not negative result, you always play for the championship and second place like the last, and how many levels are there In the club, it helps to overcome any pressure positively, so I do not worry about the difference with Zamalek.

Regarding his assessment of Smouha’s coach, Mokhtar said, Ahmed Sami put Smouha in a better area, and beat Al-Ahly in one match, and Al-Ahly beat him in another, and this is a very wonderful thing. The current season is very difficult and the most difficult is that it continues until now. All countries have finished their seasons. Listen to us, when will the players get the Rest period All of this will affect the tournament and the team.

Mokhtar pointed out that Mohamed Sharif presents a very impressive performance and deals with the opportunities that loom to him with skill and skill despite his young age, but he has matured very much with Al-Ahly, and as for the Al-Ahly League or Zamalek, they are the closest to the decision, and the hero cannot be determined now.

Mokhtar concluded, "The outcome of the last period is great in Al-Ahly, and the team needs to ride difficult and great perseverance and win the African Championship, to keep it for two seasons in a row, and this would be a wonderful thing."