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Learn about the benefits of drinking tea daily for diabetics

Diabetes occurs as a result of not absorbing glucose that enters the body as a result of some problems in the pancreas, so the best way to deal with diabetes is to find the main problem that is making the insulin in your body not working properly.

According to a report published on the "Express" website, tea is one of the important drinks that helps diabetics by increasing insulin activity, because it is rich in polyphenols, a chemical that plays an important role in increasing insulin sensitivity in the body's system, as tea improves insulin activity in the body. Your body.

Experts confirmed that tea helps improve metabolism, i.e. metabolism, including sugar metabolism, as the sugar that enters the body is converted into glucose, which will later be converted into energy, and drinking tea daily can help improve the metabolic performance in the body.

Obesity or excess body weight is one of the problems that cause sensitivity to insulin, as green tea contains a biologically active chemical that can help burn calories, and deal with insulin sensitivity more, in addition to that tea is an antioxidant so eating it daily contributes In controlling blood pressure.

The antioxidants present contribute to lowering cholesterol and oxidative stress, and consuming black tea is able to block digestive enzymes that have a prominent role in raising the level of sugar in the blood.

Gestational diabetes is one of the problems that the expectant mother should be aware of, and drinking tea regularly helps reduce the risk of developing this type of diabetes.