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Intensification of road works for residential and service projects in the new cities of October and Minya

Engineer Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud, Head of the New October City Development Authority, confirmed that paving works are underway in the North Airport Road project, which serves the housing areas west of the airport, the industrial zone and the dry port, in addition to road works on two streets to serve the police complex being implemented in the 800-acre area.


The head of the New October City Authority added that the sidewalks and interlocking works are also underway in the remaining streets of the Sakan Misr project north of the oasis, in addition to the implementation of the paving works for the 1,000-acre site with distinctive housing plots, which are delivered to its barriers.


In the same context, Eng. Khaled Nayef Abdel Aziz, Head of the New Minya City Authority, confirmed that the Authority’s Roads Department continued the road paving work “Phase II” (Pounding + Mco + Asphalt + curbs and sidewalks for the central island) in the distinguished neighborhood of the city, in order to serve the complex of compounds and plots of land. and residential blocks in the neighborhood.


Housing officials emphasized that there is a periodic field follow-up of the ongoing projects in the new cities, in addition to compressing timetables to complete the implementation as soon as possible, and completing plans to complete, develop and expand roads and facilitate traffic for citizens within the cities.