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How to modify the behavior of a child with ADHD in simple ways?

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) need to continually modify their behaviors and direct them toward appropriate behavior. A behavior modification plan may include strategies to encourage good behavior, teach them social skills to help the child get along with others, and manage your child's energy levels and ability to focus, in this report We're learning tips for modifying the behavior of ADHD children, according to the raisingchildren website.

Tips for modifying the behavior of children with ADHD


First, Strategies for Encouraging Good Behavior in a Child with ADHD


Your child's behavior management plan will likely include strategies to help your child learn skills to act more collaboratively. Some simple but effective behavior strategies may include:

Changes in the environment to make it easier for your child to behave well.

Clear instructions to help your child understand what you want them to do.

Praise positive behavior to encourage your child to continue to behave well.

A predictable daily routine to help your child through difficult times of the day, such as when he gets ready for school in the morning.

Second, teach the child social skills


Children with ADHD may need support to get along with other children, so your child's behavior management plan can include some ideas to help your child develop social skills.

These ideas may include:

Reward your child for good behavior such as sharing and being kind to others

Teach your child what to do if there is a problem with another child - eg, walk away or talk to the teacher.

Teach your child how to regulate their behavior - for example, using phrases such as "stop, think, do".

Giving your child the opportunity to practice social skills - for example, by arranging play dates.

Third, strategies for managing energy and focus in children with ADHD


All kids find it easier to behave well if they can manage their energy levels and don't feel tired.

You can help your child manage energy levels and maintain focus by:

Set a break between play times

Allow time for physical rest periods while your child does learning tasks such as reading or homework

-Be ready for some fun activities like lego or puzzles.

You can prevent your child from getting too tired by:

Getting your child into good sleep habits, such as going to bed and getting up at about the same time every day

Provide healthy food choices for longer lasting energy and focus

Make sure your child's screen time is balanced with other activities during the day

Ensure that all electronic devices are turned off at least an hour before bed.

Studying with children with ADHD

Children with ADHD can have problems at school, so behavior management plans should include strategies to support your child's learning from them:

Divide tasks into smaller parts

- Avoid distractions

Make a visual checklist of your child's assignments or keep a copy of the class schedule where your child can see it

Do more difficult learning tasks in the morning or after breaks

Give your child some extra time to finish tasks.