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"Grain industry": a large abundance of rice stocks that meet all the needs of citizens

The Rice Division of the Chamber of Grain Industry of the Federation of Egyptian Industries confirmed that there is a large abundance of rice stocks that are sufficient for the markets and meet all the needs of citizens.


Dr. Rajab Shehata, head of the Rice Division, indicated - in an exclusive statement to the Middle East News Agency, today, Tuesday - that the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade approved the division's request to distribute the quantities of rice supplies for the months of July and August over a period of 4 months, including the months of October and November; Due to the abundance of stock.


Shehata pointed to the abundance of production and storage places for rice inside the stores of food commodities, stressing the keenness of all suppliers and their commitment to supply, stressing the complete stability of rice prices.


He explained that the prices of rice in wholesale markets currently, "packaged", range from 6 to 8.5 pounds, and "loose" starts from 6 pounds per kilo, and the average price per kilo for the consumer, according to different regions, ranges between 9 to 11 pounds per kilo.


And the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali Al-Moselhi, had announced - yesterday - that about 60% of the decisions of the supply commodities for the month of July have been spent so far, noting that the wholesale stores of the two wholesale companies (general - Egyptian), which number up to 1,500 stores, have a strategic stock. Great of all the goods listed on the support card.