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Gold prices in Egypt today, Monday 5-7-2021

Gold prices in global stock exchanges and the Egyptian market witnessed a limited movement, as prices in spot transactions recorded 1792 dollars per ounce, in light of a relatively high demand for gold compared to the end of the trading sessions last week.


The price of a gram of 21 karat gold, which is the best seller in Egypt, is 782 pounds per gram, up two pounds compared to the price of the precious metal at the end of trading last week.


Gold price today in Egypt:

Carat 18 records 671 pounds per gram.


21 carat records 782 pounds per gram.


24 carat records 893 pounds per gram.


The gold pound is 6256 pounds.


An ounce of gold is $1,793.


Its appeal was enhanced by fears surrounding the spread of the Delta strain of the Corona virus, and the most contagious Delta strain of the Corona virus caused countries in Asia and Europe to back off plans to reopen, while the White House said it would send special teams to hot spots across the country to combat infection.


Gold prices fell to their lowest level in more than two and a half months to close to $1750 an ounce before recouping their losses at the end of last week, as the selling was driven by the strength of the US dollar.


However, the precious metal later found support as renewed coronavirus fears damaged the confidence of traders in Asia, and weak bond yields supported gold prices to rise towards levels near $1800.