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Death toll from floods and landslides in India rises to 160

The death toll from floods and landslides caused by heavy monsoon rains in India has risen to more than 160.

And BBC Radio reported in its English-language publication today, Monday, that the most affected areas are the states of Maharashtra and Goa in western India, and the states of Karnataka and Telangana in the south of the country.

Floods occur annually in India during the monsoon season, which runs from June to September, but experts say climate change caused by global warming has made heavy rains more likely and more frequent. Rising sea levels have also contributed to this problem.

The administration of Raigad district in the western state of Maharashtra has also called off searches for 31 missing persons in the village of Taliya, which was affected by a massive landslide caused by heavy rains last week.

"Rescue operations have officially ended, our teams have been removed from the village, and the 31 people on the list of missing will be declared dead, following the procedural rules to be observed," district official Nidi Chaudhary told NDT channel on Monday.

The official said that the decision to cancel the search operation was taken after consulting the "National Disaster Response Forces" and the disaster response forces of the state and the neighboring "Thin" county, noting that so far 53 people in the village have died and 5 others have been injured as a result of the disaster.

According to the state government, the death toll in each district of Raigad affected by the torrential rains has reached 71, while 53 people are still missing on the list of missing persons.