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Can you take off the muzzle after taking the second dose of corona vaccines? .. Know the answer

Receiving coronavirus vaccines is the only way to protect against coronavirus infection, in light of the emergence of new variants that carry more contagious and transmissible properties than the original version of the virus, and the question remains for millions around the world whether wearing a muzzle becomes important even after taking full vaccination doses.

And a report published on the Express website revealed, will a person who receives doses of Corona vaccines completely be able to abandon the masks, or will wearing them still be an inevitable step to protect against infection?

Experts explained that coronavirus vaccines give the immune system more than 90% of the ability to counter the virus, but people may need to increase their toolkit to push protection as close to 100% as possible.

The report revealed, the most important additional precautions that you must follow after taking the full doses of the vaccine, although tens of millions of people have been infected with the virus at least once, the rates of daily cases are very high, so the recurrence of infection is expected, so you will still wear Masks are important to protect you from infection.

Experts indicated that individuals should still wear a mask as part of the restrictions of the Corona virus to prevent the spread of infection, and the report advised that it is necessary to follow these tips after receiving full doses of Corona vaccinations:

1. Continue social distancing

2. Wear a face mask

3. Wash your hands regularly and carefully

4. Ventilate indoor spaces by opening windows

Experts explained that these precautions keep people safe because their bodies adapt to the vaccine, which needs four to five weeks to build immunity. During this time, their bodies will enjoy the same level of protection that they had before the vaccine.

The report indicated that if high case rates continue, the chances of infection will increase with it, especially in light of the outbreak of the delta variable, so experts advise people to continue wearing their masks after completing their vaccination regimen.

The report showed that masks prevent infection by acting as a barrier to keep your nose warm and moist, which also prevents infection.