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Belgian Wallonia officials confirm the continuation of the search for flood victims

The Ministers of Wallonia, the Director of the Regional Crisis Center and the governors of the provinces of Namur, Liege and Luxembourg in Belgium, decided to hold a meeting this Thursday afternoon, in the wake of the floods that hit the region, this morning.

Regional Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo assessed the tragic situation due to the bad weather that hit the country, saying, "Part of the country woke up under water after the bad weather that hit the country yesterday, turning it into a red alert."

He added that the emergency services are saturated, and people have had to be evacuated, and some are stranded in their homes and part of their homes are flooded.

The Prime Minister highlighted the report submitted to him this morning, which shows that these floods are historical and unprecedented.

He continued, "There is very heavy rain that is still expected today and will move on a more central axis of the country," noting that "the situation in the provinces of Luxembourg and Liege is very complicated, and evacuations have taken place and are still underway, but this situation is certainly a national disaster, All Wallonia services are working in full swing, and the crisis center has existed since the beginning."

Bad weather last night hit Wallonia, killing at least two people, mainly due to flooding.

On the matter, Elio Di Rupo said, "Unfortunately, there are currently two victims, one has been confirmed and the other is missing, and searches are ongoing."