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Arab Chambers: The unified visa for business owners enhances Arab cooperation

Dr. Khaled Hanafi, Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Chambers, participated in the launching ceremony of the unified Arab economic report, which was hosted by the headquarters of the League of Arab States, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the League, Dr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and a prominent number of heads of joint Arab action organizations.


During a speech he delivered on the occasion, Hanafi noted the importance of launching the Unified Arab Economic Report, after vigorous efforts that continued over the past four decades on the part of 4 active Arab organizations, pointing to the importance of the report, which can be considered a basic reference for Arab economic research centers and researchers.


In his speech, Hanafi touched on unemployment in the Arab world, which exceeds 16%, which is a frightening and extremely dangerous thing, but what is more frightening is that the unemployment rate in some Arab societies far exceeds these figures, especially among the educated youth and holders of higher university degrees, which is the productive group that Societies and peoples depend on it in order to achieve progress, development and prosperity.


He said: This matter is extremely dangerous and calls for great attention, not only on the part of the economic sectors, but on the part of Arab governments, as well as the relevant parties in order to develop the reality of inter-Arab trade, which does not exceed the limits of 11%, which is a small number compared to the reality of countries. The Arab world, which possesses enormous natural and human resources, must be exploited in the right place, for the benefit of our Arab countries and peoples.


Hanafi pointed out that if we look at the external debt index, we find that this debt in relation to the gross domestic product, as shown by the unified Arab economic report, is not scary, as it is at 35%, but this number also varies between one Arab country and another, and this is what calls for The alarm bell was sounded in order to bridge the gap between the Arab countries.


He continued: As for the per capita GDP, it is not bad, according to the report, but in terms of geographical distribution among Arab countries, it reflects a frightening disparity between rich and poor countries, and this needs to develop integrated solutions and not partial solutions for each Arab country on the alone, in a way that contributes to achieving comprehensive development in all Arab countries.


Hanafi noted the role played by the secretariat for the League of Arab States, especially in terms of attention to the economic file in all its aspects, particularly supporting entrepreneurship in the Arab world, as we launched as a Federation of Arab Chambers in cooperation with the League of Arab States, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Arab Rally competition, a competition that supports innovation among young people and provides effective solutions in order to address the reality of unemployment among Arab youth.


Hanafi called for the need to expedite the decision on the issue of the unified Arab visa for businessmen, asking: How is the way to strengthen inter-Arab economic, trade and investment relations, in light of the presence of restrictions that limit the movement of businessmen and investors, stressing that this issue is a pivotal issue that must be addressed in the As soon as possible, by passing legislation that preserves the interests of all Arab countries and achieves gains for them at the same time.