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An emergency meeting Monday of the French Defense Council to assess the situation of the epidemic after the spread of “Delta”

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said that the French authorities will hold an emergency meeting of the Defense Council next Monday, under the leadership of French President "Emmanuel Macron", to assess the epidemiological health situation in the country, where the "delta" mutant currently represents 40% of new infections with the Corona virus in France. .


And (France 24) news channel reported today, Thursday, that the French government is likely to take new precautionary measures next week to combat the spread of the delta mutant in the country.


The channel added that the French government called on the French to take the anti-Corona vaccine in order to confront a possible fourth wave of the virus in the country.


Earlier today, the French Minister of State for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, warned of the health situation in the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Portugal and Spain, where the delta variant is increasingly prevalent.


It is noteworthy that the French government spokesman announced earlier that the percentage of infections with this strain (Delta) reached 10% 3 weeks ago, and then increased to 20% last week, to become 40% this week.