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Al-Ahly postpones the decision on the presentation of Ahmed Rayan’s professionalism in Turkey

Al-Ahly club officials postponed a decision on the offer submitted by the Turkish League to sign Ahmed Yasser Rayan until the completion of participation in the final of the African Champions League, where the red team will face its Kaizer Chiefs on July 17 at the Mohammed V complex stadium in Casablanca.

Al-Ahly club officials are awaiting the position of the technical staff led by Pitso Musimani on the return of Ahmed Rayan, as the Turkish offer will be rejected if he adheres to his stay or discuss the offers made to the player if he welcomes the player’s departure.

A strong trend prevails within Al-Ahly in the return of Ahmed Rayan to the ranks of Al-Ahly during the next season, after the remarkable player brilliance with his current team, Ceramica, and occupied the top scorer in the league with 15 goals, although he joined his team in the winter transfers and not from the beginning of the current season.

It is expected that Al-Ahly club officials will refuse to sell Rayan next summer, provided that he is registered in the red team list in light of the red team’s need for his efforts during the coming period, especially as he is one of the most prominent strikers in the Egyptian League this season and is qualified to lead Al-Ahly’s attack in the new season.