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A healthy recipe for a snack while working

Eating healthy not only applies to your breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also includes snacks that help us get rid of hunger and can provide a much-needed energy boost until the next meal during work.

Fast foods like candy bars, sodas, and chips won't help you power through at work, and constant consumption of fast foods can harm your body in the long run by increasing your risk of disease. What was published by the site " clevelandclinic".

Snack recipe:

Plan your snacks for the work week

Plan your snacks over the course of the work week, and pack them in bags or lunch boxes, so you can easily carry them in your bag before heading to work. Snack on fruits, nuts, juices and energy-giving fiber bars for between meetings.

Add a little protein to prevent hunger

Eat a handful of heart-healthy nuts with fruit or a tablespoon of peanut butter

Snack on fruit with the skin on

Don't peel the fruit Apple or plum peels provide extra fiber and will help you feel full for a longer period of time Whole fruit is tasty and portable, can be easily stored at work or eaten without plates or utensils on the go Wash fruit at home so you can eat it right away at work.

Snacks that won't spoil quickly

Consider buying healthy, high-fiber bars, a cup or two of nutritious dry cereal, or cans of pre-seasoned tuna that you can easily open and eat with a fork.

Drink a cup of water or caffeine-free tea

Fluids can help you feel full and are good for you, too. Research shows that adequate hydration increases cell metabolism, allows muscles to work harder by providing oxygen and promotes the elimination of waste from the body.