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Why does depression come to us after marriage, and how do we get rid of it in several steps?

Post-marital depression is a condition that many people live in, especially women, and they do not know the reason behind the pressure and severe depression. According to theknot website, this may be the result of new responsibility and pressures of life, or moving to a new home away from family and relatives, or feeling upset that the honeymoon is over, so do not You must be feeling a little anxious about all the change that's going on.

There are many different reasons someone might go through after marriage. They may have loved the interest that engagement and planning for a wedding brings, or they have put aside some important life decisions (such as getting a new job or going back to school) until after the wedding once it's all over. thing, they have to face these big and cumbersome things head-on.

How do you know if you have developed depression?


Boredom, sadness, lethargy, loneliness, and isolation are just a few of the complex reactions someone with post-wedding blues may have.

How do you deal with these feelings?


If you know yourself well enough to realize that you're focused too much on the wedding and not enough on your relationship and the next steps as a couple, take a moment to change your perspective, start talking about what's going to happen the next day, think about what married life will mean, and what your expectations as a couple are for the patterns your life, and focus on bringing about this shift in perspective.”

2: Don't be alarmed by the idea of ​​premarital counseling, you can talk about it in pre-wedding sessions, by talking to pre-nuptial counselors, you are taking a proactive step in securing the future of your relationship.

3: Adding fun and flair to everyday life sets the scene for staying connected throughout your marriage, make dinner at home more special with a few candles, or take a day trip to a village setting.

4: Try not to focus on the fact that you are leaving your family and think instead about the person you start your life with.

5: You may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable sharing your grief and may not want to worry or offend them.