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US National Security Adviser: We support holding the Libyan elections on time

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan affirmed that the United States stands with its Libyan and international partners in full support for holding the presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya on their scheduled date, December 24.

In a statement reported by the Libyan (Al Wasat Gate) today, Wednesday, Sullivan praised the work of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which was held in Geneva, considering that holding the elections on time will enable the Libyans to choose their leaders and restore their sovereignty after years of civil conflict and economic turmoil, explaining that This will be due to the recent progress made in establishing the Interim Government of National Unity.

He said, "The positive atmosphere and spirit of consensus, in which the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum meets, with the active facilitation of the United Nations, encourages us to adopt the necessary constitutional and legislative arrangements for the elections," stressing his country's support for the Libyan people as it charts a path towards a more stable, prosperous and secure future.

During the past two days, members of the Political Dialogue Forum continued their deliberations in Geneva, with the aim of reaching consensus on the constitutional basis for the elections, at a time when UN envoy Jan Kubis called on members to overcome their differences to reach a compromise solution, stressing that there is no way to leave Geneva without reaching an agreement.

The Secretary-General, Assistant Special Coordinator of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Rizdon Zeninga, also called on members to hold genuine negotiations on how to hold the general elections on time.